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In the Smart learning model a platform to design and deliver on-line training is an essential component. FUTURE 4.0 Learning Platform was designed by Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics – University of Patras in order to provide training to employees in the Shipyard and Nautical Logistic Supply Chain, and was conceived as a flexible solution that is versatile enough to satisfy the potential learners.

It integrates collaboration and practice throughout the learning process encouraging the learners to ask, advice and share their ideas during the training. Regarding the learning contents of the Platform, these are articulated in six learning modules: one for each of the six identified KETs enabling technologies – additive manufacturing, big data and analytics, cyber security, advanced manufacturing, cloud computing and augmented reality.

For each topic, a pathway is defined containing the steps needed for achieving the specific topic. Each topic will be connected to some learning material that could have a number of different formats (file, link etc…). Each e – module in the Future 4.0 Platform is classified into three main Smart Learning Model Levels:

  1. Basic: the trainee after completing the basic level can have a general knowledge of each technology application and theory. This knowledge base will enable the employee to understand the specific learning topic.
  2. Intermediate: the learners after completing the intermediate level of training will have deeper knowledge of the specific technology theory and application.
  3. Advanced: the advanced level of training can pose an intimate and experiential knowledge of the specific learning topic. The learning is focused on building expertise as well as experience in the chosen area of practice.

The 6 learning topics are scheduled to be performed online, mostly in an asynchronous and individual way, and will use the web to deliver the content. The FUTURE 4.0 Platform facilitates the integration of different and heterogeneous learning objects – such as videos, presentations, documents etc – into a common learning procedure. The teaching providers on one side are able to create new learning topics and insert material to the platform, while the users/trainees on the other side are able to use the available material.

The FUTURE 4.0 Platform is available here:

Please contact the Project Manager to request login credentials

Elisa Bertoni - Veneto Region
Direction Industry Handicraft Trade and Services and Internationalization of Enterprises

Some users’ feedbacks

The representatives of the participating companies participating in the various phase/intervention of the Local Pilot Actions, afterwards having saw and understand the basic functionalities and main contents of the FUTURE 4.0 online platform, found it is a very useful tool that can potentially contribute to the acquisition of technologies 4.0 encouraging the related knowledge transfer.

According to the users/learners of the FUTURE 4.0 Platform, the modules covered indeed the topics related to 4.0 technologies at appropriate depth level. Also, the rate of content/delivery duration of each module resulted proportionate and balanced. Among the methods proposed by the Platform for the acquisition of knowledge, know-how and competences on 4.0 technologies, according to companies’ learners the most useful is the interaction with the expert/tutor followed by individual work. The Platform resulted therefore a Tool able to activate also a self-learning process.

In addition, most of the companies’ learners, who tested the Platform, affirmed that the FUTURE 4.0 contents had and will have effects on the daily work. As added value all companies’ learners considered the modules on 4.0 technologies inspiring and motivating. As evidence all the companies’ learners approached the contents with a high level of personal interest respect to the propose 4.0 contents.


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