Nautica Ranieri

Nautica Ranieri is probably the only place, for dimension and comprehensiveness of its structure and organization, able to compete with shipyards located in the rest of Europe. The Ranieri Shipyard is able to carry out dry docking for sailing and motor boats up to 30 meters of length x 8 meters of width, maximum 3,5 meters of draft. NAUTICA RANIERI is equipped with 60 berth places available for mooring of yachts up to 40 meters in length and 3.50 meters draft, and dry storage of boats up to 30 meters of length. There are special moorings places for yachts in transit which need assistance or a technical support. The Ranieri Shipyard carries out: repairs of hulls made of fiberglass, wood, light alloys and steel, renewal of teak decks, partial or total refitting operations, reconstruction of the interior fittings, realizations or external modifications of platforms, anti-osmosis treatments of fiberglass hulls. Protective covers are produced with heat-shrinking and caulking, cabinet-making, upholstery and thermal-acoustic insulation are carried out. The Ranieri Shipyard is able to carry out the installation and maintenance of mechanical, electric, electronic and hydraulic in-board systems: inverters, propeller shaft lines, S-drive, IPS, electric generator, walkways, bow thruster, winches, watermakers, air conditioners, refrigerators, radar, VHF, GPS, depth sounders, autopilot, satellite TV, instrumentation. Revision of fire-fighting systems and repair / maintenance of sailing equipment.

The experimental knowledge transfer intervention in brief

In order to increase the business of the company, the in-company experimental intervention was focused on the development of an ICT platform, in order to create a network of local companies and stakeholders. Technologies as Cloud, Big data and Cyber security have been the most important tools to reach the abovementioned objectives. The experimental intervention led to a definition of a platform where data and services such as maintenance, private mooring and refueling, organization of excursions etc. from multiple users (customers/suppliers) can converge, in order to have a local network that allows the growth of boating in Puglia. The collaboration among the experts of POLIBA and NAUTICA RANIERI for the creation of the above-mentioned nautical network was functional of the growth of Apulian nautical sector. To these aims, the technologies of Industry 4.0 such as Cloud, Big Data and Cyber Security were deepen.

Some feedbacks

According to the company owner, the project has positive impact since it optimizes and helps the digitalization of the whole business process. For the experts the low digitalization resulted in business process of the company, but thanks to the know-how of POLIBA experts and by the FUTURE 4.0 tools, many opportunities of improvement were offered to the company, also by the application of the above-mentioned technologies of Industry 4.0.


10 – 23.09.2020


Apulia, Italy

Company profile

Shipyard located in Bari

Companies’ resources involved

Owner and Account Manager


Acquisition in-company intervention (16 h.) for deeper knowledge on selected 4.0 technologies

Experts’ profiles

Naval Architect, specialized in Interior Design, Yacht Design and Industrial Design and Adjunct Professor of Industrial Design at different Universities

Mechanical Engineer, Architect-building Engineer and Management Engineer, Polytechnic of Bari


Cloud and Big Data technologies towards an ICT platform of the nautical network