Marina Sport

It is a company that has been operating in the nautical sector for over 35 years, evolving with the times and dealing with all its segments, such as the sale of medium-large boats, inflatable boats, outboard motors, accessories and nautical spare parts with respective installations. MARINA SPORT covers an exhibition area of more than 4,500 square metres, and a 4,000 square metre operational headquarters in the port of Bari at the Pizzoli pier, where it offers garaging and repairs with assistance to CAT, VolvoPenta, Yamaha, Besenzoni, Veco, etc. It also has a spare parts and accessories warehouse and a large parking and boat storage area. Finally, MARINA SPORT offers a continuous assistance to all its customers: at its shipyard we carry out garaging operations and shipbuilding works. It already collaborates with other shipyards such as Ferretti, of which we are their service point.

The experimental knowledge transfer intervention in brief

Considering the existing situation and the needs of the company, the experimental intervention was mainly focused on the digitalization of the process management and on the application of the Cloud, Big Data and Augmented Reality technology. In detail the main effort dealt with the digitalization of the business tools due to the lack of ICT systems that can manage data and activities. The collaboration among the experts of POLIBA and MARINA SPORT for the implementation of the abovementioned tools, had to be functional for the growth of company. To these aims, the knowledge of POLIBA in the informatics and automation field allowed the digitalization of the business; in particular, an App for the management of customers and employees was developed. By a proper QR code and also by means of Augmented Reality technology, this tool allows to obtain information of the boats, uploads pictures and monitors the progress of the works of employees. Cloud and Big Data technology were functional for the improvement of the level of the services to be offered to the customers.

Some feedbacks

According to the company owner, the project had a positive impact since it allowed to optimize and help the digitalization of the whole business process. For the experts the low digitalization resulted in business process of the company, but thanks to the know-how of POLIBA experts and by the FUTURE 4.0 tools, many opportunities of improvement were offered to the company, also by the application of the above-mentioned technologies of Industry 4.0.


09.09 – 24.09.2020


Apulia, Italy

Company profile

Nautical company located in Bari

Companies’ resources involved

Owner and other employees


Transformation in-company intervention (32 h.) for applied knowledge into company of selected 4.0 technologies

Experts’ profiles

Naval Architect, specialized in Interior Design, Yacht Design and Industrial Design and Adjunct Professor of Industrial Design at different Universities

Mechanical Engineer, Architect-building Engineer and Management Engineer, Polytechnic of Bari


Digitalization and ICT tools for the process internal management