Cybersecurity & GDPR

The webinar was envisaged as part of about 7 online training sessions (for a total of 17 hours) focused on FUTURE 4.0 Platform user experience, Cloud and automation software and Cybersecurity. The Cyber Security and GDPR webinar was a real challenge for the companies that participated. Not only because it was a 4-hour long webinar but also because it showed the extend that GDPR and cyber security threats are present whenever a company connects to the internet and stores there their customers’ data. During the webinar, the expert urged the companies to find the places that might be vulnerable in their daily operations, think of possible ways to strengthen them and also acknowledge the fact that they need to abide with the crazy rhythm of growth due to new technologies. For the Cyber Security and GDPR webinar, it was followed the “funnel system” approach. This approach was chosen because the issues of Cyber Security, the GDPR laws and the threats they impose for a business are still really vague for the Greek companies of the nautical sector (dare say for the Greek companies in general actually). Thus, in the first hour of the webinar were introduced all the aspects regarding the GDPR and the laws around it in Greece. The European perspective and the importance of the issue, for any company that is online or is dealing with customers’ data through an online portal or server. Then the GDPR issue interconnected it with Cyber Security and the global threats it imposes. It is very important to realize that new technologies come with complications and sometimes irreversible errors, that we should prevent them from happening. Lastly, in the webinar were illustrated showcased examples and it was explained how GDPR and Cyber Security issues might affect a company and what specific and concrete actions can be taken in order to prevent these challengers.

Main results & evidences: 

  • The participating companies understood the power of the new technologies in the nautical sector;
  • They learned more about the advantages of using such technologies internally, in their daily operations, in order to protect their data, their intellectual property and their future plans;
  • They understood exactly how they can utilize and start using these technologies in order to optimize their procedures, take the first step towards scaling their businesses and prevent attacks or profit loss due to cyber security issues or GDPR non abidance;
  • They also went through the methodology it was used and the extensive knowledge of involved expert and understood in depth the endless possibilities that these technologies bring;
  • They now have a “map” of steps on how they can adopt such technologies and software through the case studies and the national laws that bide them for Greece;

The majority of them are ready to explore the first tools in order to optimize their internal procedures and also minimize the daily effort with automation within the month

Participants’ companies

The webinar was attended by the representatives (owners, Business Development Managers and Customer Success Manager) of 3 local companies belonging to the supply chain of the shipbuilding and naval industry:

  1. LIOFYLLO: a leading company for providing with an eco-friendly material in the creation of the internal of high-end boats and ships. Also, the material to put on the floor or the deck;
  2. MORE YACHTING: among the biggest companies for Yacht renting in Greece, based in Patra. Apart from the agency branch, More Yachting also operates its own fleet of sailboats with exclusive bases in Lefkas & Zakynthos. Having a privilege to run an own fleet, More Yachting is very well acquainted with all the details of chartering operations in the field, which is gifting them better understanding of sailors’ daily needs and wishes;
  3. SAMMY YACHT: a company that helps Yachters and ship owners to find the best port for their boats and yachts in Greece and Cyprus.

Some feedbacks

All the three companies that participated mentioned that the webinar was full of information that they could not easily find in the private sector so that it can be specific and tailor made for companies in the nautical sector. By the expert side, he was very satisfied with the level of the companies. He was impressed with the work they do and understood that this webinar was really important. Unfortunately, Cyber Security and GDPR are vague issues still in Greece, thus he congratulated the vigor and the eagerness of the participating companies to learn, to clarify and to understand the issues that arise in order to most effectively tackle them.




Dytiki Ellada, Greece


Acquisition inter-company webinar for deeper knowledge on a selected 4.0 technology

Experts’ profiles

Cyber Security and GDPR expert who already participated in many different European project as the main GDPR consultant and mentor


Chamber of Achaia

University of Patras - Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation


Cyber Security & GDPR Compliance Solutions