Cloud Automation Software Enhanced

The webinar was envisaged as part of about 20 online training sessions (for a total of 32 hours) focused on Big Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, FUTURE 4.0 Platform user experience and Digital Tools for online scalable sales (included AI and IoT). During the workshop the experts showcased through specific case studies, based on each company’s needs, how the participating companies can use such systems in order to automate their procedures. They made it clear on what are the steps in order for the companies to identify where there are repetitive tasks that could be automated and laid out a step-by-step guide on how to start incorporating such technologies in their companies. For this webinar it was we followed the Case Study approach. The experts on Cloud Automation Systems studied beforehand each company. They then found and analyzed specific case studies that were close to the companies’ needs. During the webinar, they presented these case studies and tried to navigate the participating companies through them towards the cloud needs each of them had. The case study approach resulted the most accurate and result-oriented approach when it comes to new technologies. Especially when it is taken into consideration that these companies had little knowledge on what such technologies can offer and also little expertise on how to best utilize them.

Main results & evidences: 

  1. The companies, through the methodologies used and the extensive knowledge of involve experts, were able to deeply understand the power and the potential of these new technologies and the power of automation in the nautical sector. They were also really eager to explore even more and start using them immediately. Moreover, they clarified internally how much stronger their daily operations and also their results will be if they start to use cloud in order to maximize transparency, efficiency and team collaboration.
  2. The companies that participated in this enhanced webinar, is safe to say that they now have a “map” on all the aspects they were educated on. A “map” of how to handle, prevent or recover data and analytics as well as a “map” on where to start with Cloud Automation Software and which areas will be the easiest or the most important to change and will bring the highest benefit in the short future.
  3. The majority of the companies that participated in this workshop are ready for the next step. And this is why this workshop was the best practice on this level. While going through the mentoring from involved experts, they found the specific areas they could reform and enhance. And they are looking into the available solutions to start implementing these changes and incorporating the new technologies.

Participants’ companies

The webinar was attended by the representatives (owners, Business Development Managers, Customer Success Managers, Project managers) of 6 local companies belonging to the supply chain of the shipbuilding and naval industry:

  1. MORE YACHTING: among the biggest companies for Yacht renting in Greece, based in Patra. Apart from the agency branch, More Yachting also operates its own fleet of sailboats with exclusive bases in Lefkas & Zakynthos. Having a privilege to run an own fleet, More Yachting is very well acquainted with all the details of chartering operations in the field, which is gifting them better understanding of sailors’ daily needs and wishes.
  2. AQUA TERRA: the leading Greek company for coastal infrastructure and erosion prevention of ports.
  3. KAREL BOATS: a local company that constructs boats and yachts.
  4. NIREAS BOATS: another company that constructs boats and yachts.
  5. LIOFYLLO: a leading company for providing with an eco-friendly material in the creation of the internal of high-end boats and ships. Also, the material to put on the floor or the deck;
  6. SAMMY YACHT: a company that helps Yachters and ship owners to find the best port for their boats and yachts in Greece and Cyprus.

Some feedbacks

The feedback on behalf of the companies was overall very positive. The majority of them in the end of the webinar were requesting even more info and they were asking lots of questions, which means they showed real interest. Also, during the session they were able with the guidance they were getting, to identify specific areas for improvement in their companies and they were pretty excited to put this new knowledge in use and to start watching their companies getting stronger and have faster growth. They found that the information provided was rich and really helpful but they will need to address other issues such as the GDPR and cyber security before they commit to cloud automation. However, they were very pleased to have been introduced to this world and now they have a map on what to do when they are ready for this next big step for their companies. By the experts’ side the overall feedback was that the majority of participating companies are mature enough now in order to start enhancing their daily operations and insert automation. According to them the participating companies are ready to scale to their next level, thus automation is a crucial aspect for the scaling to be successful. They also believe that after the Cloud Automation Software enhanced webinar, the companies are now able to identify internally in which procedures they can use automation; within the next semester the companies could automate and bring their daily operations in a new technological level.




Dytiki Ellada, Greece


Transformation inter-company webinar for applied knowledge into companies of 4.0 technologies

Experts’ profiles

Engineers and business development experts on ERPs, cloud software and automations


Chamber of Achaia

University of Patras - Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation


Cloud, Automation, Advance Manufacturing Solutions and Software