Basic knowledge regarding Big Data, Cloud computing and Cyber Security AR, AMS and Additive Manufacturing in Future 4.0 industries

The webinar aimed at providing and extending participants’ knowledge regarding topics related to Big Data, Cloud computing and Cyber Security AR, AMS and Additive Manufacturing in Future 4.0 industries, which they can adapt and use in their everyday jobs inside companies. Through this webinar, experts provided information, discuss and develop new approaches in implementing Business informatics, Information and Communication Technology related to Big Data, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, AR, AMS and Additive Manufacturing in Future 4.0 industries. The webinar focused on these technologies as, in the previous 25 years, since the introduction of the Internet to the general public, data production rate has been rising tremendously.  Thus, many organizations have obtained successful solutions to store and analyze these big amounts of data that are generated by different sources such as various gadgets or connected devices, PCs, social platforms etc. That is the reason why technologies such as big data can be supported by cloud computing to provide major benefits regarding automation, connection, configuration and processing of data.  All these technologies and their applications such as AR and AMS, that can also be efficiently coupled with CS are new necessities for organizations, because cloud services can help to achieve organizational aims. Therefore, cloud systems that store and manage big data can be necessary to develop technical specifications and organizational security plan, in order to strengthen data protection that can result with significant savings. Topics such as Big data analytics, Cyber security, AR, AMS… can provide enterprises and organizations with viable solutions to solve many problems in sectors such as manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, government, education, energy, retail, transportation, and healthcare.

Participants’ companies

The webinar was attended 12 local companies representatives active in the fields of IT – software development, IT – Cyber Security, Nautical and shipbuilding consultant, Energy Consulting, IT – Industrial Software development.

Some feedbacks

According to participants’ the know-how transfer was very good and comprehensible. Most of participating companies declare that they will successfully apply the knowledge and experience gained from experts and other participants in practice. By the experts’ side, the experts0 feedback was very positive on the companies involved; companies of different industries were represented on the project and the participants were very interested in the topics that were covered. Experts found that participants successfully adopted the knowledge and prepared a plan to improve its business.




Jadranska Hrvatska, Croatia


Awareness inter-company webinar on 4.0 technologies

Experts’ profiles

PhD, Associate Professor of University of Rijeka - Department of Informatics of University of Rijeka – and of Polytechnic of Rijeka


Primorje-Gorski Kotar County & a Creative agency of Rijeka that provides integrated marketing communication services and modern web solutions; its main aim is to facilitate the companies' business process with their IT department designs and programs


Big Data, Cloud computing and Cyber Security AR, AMS and Additive Manufacturing