Advanced Manufacturing & Quality Control in the Industry

The main of the workshop was to to harmonize the knowledge and competencies of professional in the industry as well as SME-s employees based on INDUSTRY 4.0 concept, so that they can support technology transfer activities addressed to SMEs operating in the mechanical and maritime transport sector, in onshore and offshore service. During the workshop it was introduced to the importance of quality control, the methodology of its implementation as well as the real opportunities that this qualification offers in possible employments in SME’s in the future, INDUSTRY 4.0, digitalization skills. Accordingly in the workshop were provided the following strategic contents, knowledge and know-how:

  • Basic training in Profiling as an Industrial Quality Controller (QC) to inform on the profile requested competences, skills and to strengthen the knowledge in the field of quality controller, which will be indispensable later on increasing intellectual capacity and production quality, and enhancing the quality of SMEs in which this type of profile will work.
  • Basic training in profiling as an Industrial Quality Controller (QC).
    The Quality Controller in the industry is a key professional figure in ensuring the quality of industrial products or processes. It examines products and materials for defects or deviations from specifications. The quality controller reads and interprets drawings, designs and specifications, monitors work processes to ensure that the latter are compliant with production standards, recommends manufacturing or assembly process adjustments, and inspects and tests materials or products on production

Participants’ companies

The workshop saw the active involvement and participation of 5 SMEs (VIP SALOTI, SHEHAJ METAL, TEKNOPLASTIK, EUROPA SHPK, REGINA GROUP) operating in the supply chain of the shipbuilding and naval industry; each company was represented from 2 persons/each. In total the workshop was attended about 35 participants, including also public institutions and government organisation representatives, intermediaries and R&D organisations.

Some feedbacks

The workshop was evaluated for the professional level and the methodology followed. Conducting non-destructive control tests with modern equipment was an added value. Testing the knowledge obtained in two days of training certified their knowledge. The certificate obtained served professionals to increase their value in the labor market. The participants resulted interested and motivated to get the right knowledge about advanced technologies and quality control of products.


27 – 28.05.2020 at YOUTH CENTER VLORE - the Palace of Culture




Acquisition inter-company workshop for deeper knowledge on selected 4.0 technologies

Experts’ profiles

Phd of University of Vlora & Mechanical Engineering, Composite Advanced materials in marine industry

Phd of University of Vlora & Head of Department of Engineering and Maritime Technologies, Faculty of Technical Science


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, in collaboration with “Mesdheu” Center


Advance Manufacturing Solutions: skills required for Industrial Quality Controller