Advanced Manufacturing & 3D modelling

The main of the workshop was to provide a real opportunity for all trainees (professional of mechanical and maritime industry) to improve their professional background based on the new digital skills of advanced manufacturing and 3D modelling. Accordingly, during the workshop it was transferred:

  • Knowledge about the advanced materials used in mechanical and naval industry including the friendly environment materials like composite materials.
  • Knowledge about the link between the use of composite materials for ship production, engine propulsion and CO2 emissions reduction.
  • Potential of 3D modelling and its effects in shape, construction, engine power and CO2 emissions.
  • Solid work software introduction, projecting and simulation.

In conclusion, the workshop mainly contributed to:

  • Raise awareness of the use of advanced manufacturing technologies, 3D modeling and project design concept.
  • Encourage the understanding of the importance of adapting the best international practices in advanced manufacturing and 3D modeling.

Participants’ companies

The workshop saw the active involvement and participation of 10 local SMEs that operate in the supply chain of the shipbuilding and naval industry (VIP SALOTI, METAJ FROS, ALB ALBADRIATIKO, TEKNOPLASTIK, NASTO ING, HAG, ALMARINA, MCP LTD, ORIKU SHPK, SHEHAJ METAL). The profiles of the participating companies are mainly project design and technical process engineers. In total the workshop was attended about 25 participants, including intermediaries and project design companies.

Some feedbacks

The transformation session was evaluated for the professional level and the methodology followed. Presentation of the new technologies and 3 D modelling advanced process, best applications in marine industry sector were very recently knowledge that will be applied in the future. There was a high participation from both SMEs and freelance project designers who resulted highly interested and motivated to get the right knowledge about advanced technologies and 3D modelling.


24.06.2020 at YOUTH CENTER VLORE - the Palace of Culture




Transformation inter-company workshop for applied knowledge into companies of 4.0 technologies

Experts’ profiles

Phd of University of Vlora & Mechanical Engineering, Composite Advanced materials in marine industry

Phd of University of Vlora & Head of Department of Engineering and Maritime Technologies, Faculty of Technical Science


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, in collaboration with “Mesdheu” Center


Additive Manufacturing